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Emissions Testing

Since 1982, the need to pass emissions standards has dominated design considerations related to wood-burning stove combustion systems in North America. OMNI has developed unique capabilities for evaluating product designs to identify cost-effective ways to improve emissions performance for wood-burning appliances of any kind that may encounter difficulties passing emissions standards. Paul Tiegs has been directly involved in wood combustion process chemistry and behavior emissions research since 1980. In 1986, OMNI was the first laboratory accredited by the EPA for performing wood-fired stove emissions testing.
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Safety Testing

OMNI evaluates products for conformity with recognized U.S. and/or Canadian standards for safety; complying products will be certified and added to OMNI’s Product Listing Directory. OMNI also has mutual recognition agreements with laboratories in Europe and can perform safety testing to standards from other countries as well. Testing can be conducted at the OMNI laboratory in Portland, Oregon, or at a client's laboratory.
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